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Summer Learning Association Publishes Guide to Summer Funding

The National Summer Learning Association has published a guide to navigating funding options during difficult economic times. While enhancing your summer reading programs may seem to present a strain on budgets, there is ample opportunity when you know where to … Continue reading

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Teacher Feature: Reader’s Theater Resource

Teachers and After School staff/coordinators may find the following web page about reader’s theater useful in their lesson plans: “A Guide to Reader’s Theater.” The page includes links to free scripts, information about the benefits of reader’s theater, and teaching … Continue reading

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Reader’s Theater Featured in AfterSchool Today Spring 2012

Reader’s theater and social interactive reading are once again featured in AfterSchool Today magazine, with an article written by reader’s theater expert and Playbooks® president, Dianna Cleveland. Read the new article here!

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School Launches Successful Reader’s Theater Program With Grant Winnings, Takes Unique Approach

Elephant Fork’s Elementary School in Suffolk, VA has successfully applied grant money to a reader’s theater program, purchasing script materials and hand puppets, one unique tool that can help shy students come out of their shells and get into character. … Continue reading

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Family Involvement With Reader’s Theater

In this video, the Reid family participates in a reader’s theater story together and discusses how they read with their children to help foster a love of reading. They explain how it’s important not only for them to read to … Continue reading

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“Hearing the Story in Your Head: Role of Expressive Reading” For Children With Autism

Reader’s theater can be an invaluable reading practice activity for children on the autism spectrum, who often have trouble portraying emotion when reading a text aloud. By taking on the role of a character rather than just a storyteller, children … Continue reading

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Teach Sign Language With Reader’s Theater

Some reader’s theater scripts offer more than rapid reading fluency improvement, depending on the academic content. Many scripts are available from a variety of sources for teaching history, science, health, religious lessons, and character education. One story even helps children … Continue reading

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Article: Playbooks® Reader’s Theater Partners with the American Camp Association

This spring and summer Playbooks® has collaborated with the American Camp Association to help bring reading practice to camps. Reader’s theater is the perfect activity for incorporating reading and drama into camp curriculum, serving as an even more valuable version … Continue reading

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Article Feature: “Teacher Makes the World a Stage For Reading”

This article describes teacher and reading specialist, Susan Pernett’s, experience with the power of reader’s theater! Her story was covered as a “Class Act” feature on one news network. “If a love of reading helps inspires a love of learning, … Continue reading

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Playbooks® Launches The Lord’s Prayer Playbook® at Saddleback Church

Playbooks, Inc. has just launched The Lord’s Prayer Playbook® in a successful weekend introduction at Saddleback Church. The creative story mirrors the seven sermons on the Lord’s Prayer that well known Pastor Rick Warren has preached many times and is … Continue reading

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