10-Story Rotation and Repetition Webinar

Watch this quick and powerful webinar excerpt as reader’s theater expert, Dianna Cleveland, shares her vision for “10-Story Rotation and Repetition” for maximum reading growth. Learn why this is so powerful!

Over 10 weeks, every student…

* Reads 10 different plays in a small non- threatening group

* Plays 10 different roles 3-4 times each

* Performs 1 play in front of other peer groups

* Watches 9 other peer groups perform 9 other plays

* Builds reading fluency, comprehension, confidence and even decision-making skills!

This easy-to-implement method of utilizing roleplay reading to rapidly develop fluency, confidence, and comprehension is realized through rotating multiple story scripts among small reading groups over a series of weeks for repetitive simultaneous reading practice.

This eliminates the need for buying 30+ copies of each script, and instead allows you to purchase just one multi-story kit of 4-12 stories with only 6 copies each for only $350-$600. These kits make up a self-contained unit which can stand alone for dramatic results, or can be expanded with extra stories, additional multi-story kits, or combinations. While helping to teach important content from Character Development to STEM, Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ kits make a great addition to any curriculum.  Click here to watch the webinar excerpt.


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