“A Turkey’s Christmas Wish” – Free Downloadable Reader’s Theater Story






This downloadable Playbooks® Roleplay Reader script will help your students have fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas … all in one twist of a tale! The story is designed for 6 readers and covers an atypically wide span of reading levels (Stages 2-5) to allow multiple classes and grades to enjoy this script together and even take part in a performance! Remember that easier parts can also be read by older or higher level readers! In this wacky script, Timmy the pet turkey is jealous that the Christmas holiday gets so much attention compared to Thanksgiving. In an attempt to prove that turkeys are important, too, he writes a letter to Santa Claus.

Through a crazy chain of events and pure motivation, he learns to fly like his wild turkey cousins, and actually becomes the first turkey to pull Santa’s sleigh alongside flying reindeer! Along for the adventure are Tessa and Jacob, who share their home with Timmy, and Birdie, the lovable, flying-obsessed reindeer. Students will love chanting along with all of Santa’s reindeer about the “real turkey” who learns to fly!

Download it for free at this link.


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Lights On Afterschool

Today is #LightsOnAfterschool and to show our support and dedication to making sure #AfterschoolWorks for your sites, staff and students. Reader’s Theater offers a wide variety of products. But today we are offering a free downloadable K-12 story ($40 value) when you call 800.375.2926 x701 or email info@readerstheater.com with code “LightsOnAfterschool”. You can browse our grade levels at www.readerstheater.com/browsegradelevel.html. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

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Affordable Digital Story Packs!

Teachers try a Playbook story with your entire class at the same time with this special Digital Story Pack! You can use these with an almost unlimited amount of students AND it’s affordable! What more can you ask for? If you would like to order your Playbook Digital Story Pack at this special low price, click on the link below. Remember: Being a star makes reading fun!


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Playbooks Readers Theater iPad format stories!

Did you know that Playbooks Readers Theater offers any Playbook story in iPad format? Think of how much fun your students will have reading from an iPad. If you would like to order one head over to the link below!


Any Playbooks Readers Theater story is available in iPad format!

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Roleplay Reader’s NEW Combo Kits!

Meet Reading Enrichment goals w/ Reader’s Theater Combos

Roleplay Reader has created new Combo Activity Kits for grades K-8 that pair multi-leveled and color-coded Playbook® story sets with a topic related game, manipulative, or hands-on project (such as robotics, science experiments, technology gadgets and electronics) all which extend the learning and fun of the role-play reading experience for students. 

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Great Outcomes for Playbooks Reader’s Theater

 I’d like to share an outcomes report that came from a program in Washington, D.C. that shows the success in using Playbooks Reader’s Theater with our implementation and pre- and post assessment for avoiding summer reading loss. You’ll see in the report that 85% of students maintained or increased their reading levels over the summer using our Playbooks Reader’s Theater curriculum and materials. Over 1/3 of these students actually increased their levels! They were able to validate these results in the fall when they matched the students’ Fountas & Pinnell scores and correlations. This report was not prepared by Playbooks, Inc., it was prepared directly by the charter school program implementing the curriculum and materials they purchased from Playbooks Readers Theater.  http://www.readerstheater.com


After school providers already using Playbooks know that during the school year most all students increase their levels. So it is wise for them to get Playbooks materials in as soon as possible and use them for their after-school programs and have them already available for their summer programs.

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Please Vote for Playbooks With Two Clicks So More Kids Can Win!

We at Playbooks consider your programs to be the highest priority customers and providers of valuable reading enrichment that is helping thousands of students every week. We continue to serve your programs with the highest quality and care.

We’re hoping you’ll help us reach out to more kids and programs by voting for Playbooks Reader’s Theater to win a Mission Street Grant with just 2 quick clicks below.
Grant applicants need 250 Facebook votes in the next week (by Nov 15) to be considered for the final round.

Will you please help us help more kids with just two-clicks of your mouse. Just click here or below and then click on the Vote Now button. Chase does not store or share your Facebook information, so now worries!

We are so very grateful and are counting on everyone to help!

 Chase’s $3M Mission Main Street Grants program for Small Business is in full swing! Vote today!

If you could also share or post this on your own Facebook Timeline, that would been even more wonderful and generous of you!

Dianna Cleveland
Playbooks Reader’s Theater

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Reader’s Theater Available in Braille for the Visually Impaired

The following Playbook® stories will soon be available in Braille:

Save Your Smile
Sam’s Secret
Surprise! Uh-Oh! Oh, No!
Doing the Dinosaur Dip
Ick’ I’m Sick
The Coopersville Capers
The Ice Cream Dream
The Me the Hardly See
Stone Soup
The Great Rhyme Travel Machine

These stories are being translated through a special grant for after school program in Miami, a provider for The Children’s Trust, who use Playbooks® in their programs. Please contact us for information and pricing at 1-800-375-2926.

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Summer Camp Webinar Earns Seal of Approval From the American Camp Association

(Image) Educational Endorsement Program Seal

Adding social interactive reading in small peer groups is one of the best things your camp or summer program can do to help lessen summer learning loss. Find out more by investing the time to watch this free one-hour webinar with host and national reader’s theater expert, Dianna Cleveland, and national camp and education expert, Lance Ozier.

This webinar has been granted educational endorsement by the American Camp Association’s Educational Endorsement Review Committee. Educational Endorsement means that the program has been reviewed by a qualified panel to verify the goals, learner outcomes, presenter qualifications, and evaluation requirements are relevant for this educational program. Continuing education credits (CECs) are available for this endorsed program.

Camp Reader’s Theater™ Kits work perfectly with the instruction provided, and come in 4-Week, 6-Week, or 8-Week versions, for Grades K-2, 3-5, or 6-8. (10-Week version also available upon request.)

(Image) Camp Reader's Theater Kit Boxes

Find out about Camp Reader’s Theater™!

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Preserve the Arts with “STEAM” After School

As limited budgets see arts programs quickly disappearing from regular school curriculums, After School programs must step up and make sure students do not lose this important family of subjects by observing an “A” for Arts Education as part of the popular STEM acronym. Research shows that participation in and learning through the arts is associated with better outcomes in academics and helps children overcome disadvantaged backgrounds. After School is positioned to reach students of varying socioeconomic status and help them gain experiences in the arts that would otherwise be unlikely.

Students need to be exposed to a wide range of arts activities, including performing arts, to personalize their development to their own interests and personalities and find what will best help them excel overall. Performing arts is often neglected behind typical arts and crafts that staff may be more comfortable assigning. With some minimal, simple guidance, staff can be easily prepared to implement a powerful, ongoing performing arts program that nurtures reading fluency, confidence, creativity, motivation, empathy and more with roleplay reading through reader’s theater. Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ kits provide all the instruction necessary to carry out a highly effective and valuable performing arts program that is equally rooted in the reading enrichment category, ensuring it will be time well spent for efficiency and all-around growth.

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